Student Opportunities

FHMTA offers a variety of events each year to enhance the musical training of our students. Our members are committed to offering quality experiences for every student, from beginning to advanced levels. Most events occur annually, some less frequently, but all are made possible by our dedicated members who volunteer their time and talents. Ask your teacher for more information on any of the activities listed below.


2021 Perform-a-thon

The Perform-a-thon is an annual fundraiser, held each December at a local venue with a festive holiday setting. Our students perform throughout the day and proceeds underwrite the costs of student activities.

Fox Hills Grands

Fox Hills 5 Grands 2019 everyone on stage
2019 Fox Hills Grands

Fox Hills Grands is a multi-piano event that our students love! The stage is filled with four or five grand pianos, and students get the unique opportunity to perform with up to nine other students, led by a conductor. A series of rehearsals before the concert help develop and reinforce the necessary ensemble skills to perform as a group.

Sonata/Sonatina Festival

2019 Fox Hills Grands – Performance Day

The Sonata/Sonatina Festival gives students a chance to perform one sonata movement or two sonatina movements. They receive a score and valuable feedback on their performance from qualified teachers.

Achievement in Music


Achievement in Music (AIM) is an annual assessment program created by the Illinois State Music Teachers Association. Students prepare to meet benchmarks in the areas of repertoire performance, technique, and music theory. Exams take place each February and March.

Summer Music Scholarship

Each Spring, we award the Janet Pfluecke (pronounced “fleck-ah”) scholarships to one or two students who wish to attend a summer music camp. Ask your teacher for guidance on how to apply for this scholarship.